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Woman and an Akita Inu dog

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    Akita Inu dogs are incredibly smart and beautiful.

    They are a wonderful companion and are ready to share their way of life and life with a person. Dogs of this breed will never bother you with their loud or obsessive behavior, but they will always be willing to share your trips and walks with pleasure.

    They are very attentive and sensitive and always subtly sense the mood of the owner. Many Akita Inu owners find that in the presence of their pet they feel calmer and more at peace.

    But Akita has its own characteristics. These descendants of the glorious Hachiko are very rebellious, stubborn and independent. They are able to independently assess the situation and make decisions.

    They will never blindly obey a person, as do, for example, sheepdogs. And if mistakes were made when raising a puppy of the Akita Inu breed, then instead of an amazing friend, you can get an unpredictable dog capable of showing aggression even towards its owner.

    Therefore, if you are thinking of having an Akita in your home, you must remember that during the first 3 years you must be persistent, patient and pay close attention to raising your friend.

    But all the work will not be in vain: the reward will be an absolutely wonderful and fantastically intelligent dog.

    In the photos below you can see what an adult dog of the Japanese Akita breed looks like.

    Woman and Dog Akita Inu

    An Akita Inu dog and his owner sit on a sofa and look at each other. The dog gives a paw to the woman. Communication between humans and dogs.

    Akita Inu and Woman

    Devotion to the dog. The dog rested its head on the man’s feet.

    This photo symbolizes the dog’s devotion to its owner. A dog of the Japanese Akita breed put his muzzle on the feet of a man. A sign of devotion, respect and affection.

    The dog put his muzzle on the man's legs

    A large red dog lies on the ground at the feet of a man. The man is wearing blue jeans.

    A large red dog of the Akita Inu breed lies on the ground at the feet of his owner. The muzzle of the dog and the expressive eyes of it are clearly visible. The blue jeans of the owner favorably highlight the color of the dog.

    Red dog and man's legs in jeans

    Close-up of the happy muzzle of a dog (Akita Inu) being petted by a person.

    Japanese Akita satisfied dog muzzle. A man is scratching a dog behind the ear. The person is not fully visible. You can see part of his body and arms. Cozy photo.

    Muzzle of an Akita Inu dog

    A woman trains her dog Akita Inu. Give me five!

    A woman trains a large red Akita Inu dog. The command “Give me five!” is practiced. A woman in jeans and a white sweater sits on a sofa, a dog sits on the floor, the front paws are raised.

    Woman training a dog

    The Akita Inu dog breed, which originated in the Akita province on the Japanese island of Honshu, is the largest Japanese Spitz dog.

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