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Saline. Pink Lagoon Natural Park

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    This natural salt mine is located in Torrevieja, province of Alicante, municipality of Valencia, Spain.

    They call it Salina Rosa, Laguna Rosa, because the water it contains has a unique pink color, which is caused by bacteria found in very salty water. It is the only and unique natural phenomenon in Spain.

    Salina is not only a very beautiful place, the production of sea salt is located in the lagoon. Every year 800,000 tons of the most famous Spanish salt are extracted.

    Two large pyramids of sea salt are reflected in the water

    Two large, tall, white pyramids of sea salt are reflected in the water. Beautiful blue and white landscape.

    Pyramids of sea salt

    View of the sea salt factory. Salt mountains and conveyor

    Mountains of white salt, a conveyor belt, and a salty shoreline are visible against the blue sky. The salt mountains are beautifully reflected on the surface of the water.

    Mountains of salt and transporter

    Salt production in Torrevieja, Spain

    (Production of sea salt)

    On the shore of the salty lagoon there are mountains of salt, industrial equipment for the extraction of salt, the residential areas of the city are visible on the horizon.

    Production of sea salt

    Landscape. White mountains of salt and blue sky are reflected in the water

    Very beautiful landscape. Salt mountains and blue sky are mirror-reflected on the surface of a salt lake. Early in the morning.

    Salt lake

    Salt mountains against the blue sky and water

    White mountains of salt isolated on blue background. Cloudless skies and calm water create a perfect blue background. Mirror reflection of salt in water.

    Mountains of salt

    Scientists believe that the time of origin (appearance) of the Laguna Salada de Torrevieja may be from 60 to 200 million years ago. And on the shores you can still find fossils of primitive mollusks.

    Salina water has a pronounced pink color. It looks best on sunny days and windless days. At this time, the color of the water is bright pink. And if there is wind and it stirs up the saline waters, then great mountains of white foam pile up near the shore, resulting in a completely unearthly landscape.

    During the rainy season, the water becomes less pink because the concentration of bacteria that stains the water pink decreases.

    In 2019, when torrential rains hit the Vega Baja region, the salt water maintained its usual color for a long time. And it took almost a whole year for the saline solution to return to its pink color.

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