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Pink lake. Salina Torrevieja

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    If you are in Torrevieja, Alicante province, Spain, then you should definitely take an excursion to the Laguna Rosa.

    This is a natural salt pan, which was formed many millions of years ago. It is unique because the concentration of salt in the lagoon is such that nothing can live in this water, except for one type of bacteria. It is these bacteria that dye the waters of the lagoon a very pretty pink color.

    And for several thousand years, sea salt has been mined in Rose Salina. This industry was started by the ancient Romans. In order to extract the salt, seawater must constantly flow into the lagoon. To facilitate the flow of water, the Romans built a canal connecting the salt pan and the sea. The city still uses this canal to this day.

    View of the Pink Lagoon. Torrevieja. Spain

    View of the water surface of Laguna Rosa, the clouds are beautifully reflected from the surface. The city is on the other side.

    Pink Lagoon

    Panoramic view of Laguna Salada with pink water

    A beautiful panorama of the Laguna Salada with pink water, cumulus clouds floating in the blue sky, which are beautifully reflected in the water. You can see a piece of the coast with saline soil.

    Salt lagoon

    Veronica daisy (Veronica bellidiooides) top view

    Flowering plant Veronica daisy with small blue flowers. It grows on the shores of the Laguna Salada. View from above.

    Veronica bellidoides

    Wild thyme. Close up.

    Wild thyme grows on the shore of a salt lake. The plant is a bush. Photo of a flowering thyme.

    Wild thyme

    Wild thyme bush in bloom.

    A beautiful bush of wild thyme that blooms with small lilac flowers. The plant grows in its natural habitat on the shores of the Laguna Salada.

    Thyme bush

    The flora and fauna of the salt flat is very diverse. Near the main lagoon there are several narrow channels and small pools that moisten the ground. Therefore, many interesting and diverse plants grow on the banks of the salt pan that love saline soils. And among the inhabitants you can sometimes find a flock of pink flamingos and large herds of rabbits.

    There are on the shores of the lagoon and places with mud. This type of coastal soil is considered medicinal and helps to cope with skin diseases and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

    But it is forbidden to swim and use therapeutic mud on the banks of the Salina Torrevieja. Therefore, to carry out pleasant mud spa procedures, you will have to travel to the neighboring city of San Pedro de Pinatar, where there are specially equipped mud baths.

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