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Flower buds of Malvaviscus arboreus. Surprising decoration of gardens and parks.

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    Malvaviscus arboreus is a shrub or tree plant. Malvaviscus has many other names.

    One of them is a sleeping hibiscus. The plant received this name due to the inflorescence flowers that do not open completely.

    Malvaviscus is also called a woman’s tear, Scotchman’s purse, wax mallow. America is considered the birthplace of marshmallows.

    These bushes are very often used for landscaping of city parks, streets and squares. In the warm climate of Europe, these bushes begin to bloom shortly before Christmas and bloom for a long time.

    Background of the branches of the Malvaviscus bush with red flowers.

    Floral background of branches, leaves and flowers of the Malvaviscus plant. Red buds and green leaves in the sunlight. bright photo.

    Flowers and leaves of Malvaviscus

    Malvaviscus flower against the background of green and yellow trees.

    Bright red flower of the Malvaviscus bush in the foreground. In the background are trees with yellow and green foliage. December in the Mediterranean park.

    Malvaviscus flower against foliage

    Beautiful red flower of Malvaviscus against the blue sky.

    Awesome pic. Red Malvaviscus arboreus flower against a very bright blue sky. The combination of scarlet and sky colors is simply beautiful. The image is pierced by sunlight.

    Malvaviscus flower against the sky

    Blooming marshmallow. Red flower on the background of plant branches.

    Beautiful Malvaviscus bush in flowers. Red sprout in the foreground against the background of green leaves.

    Flowering Marshmallow

    Close-up image of Malvaviscus flower

    Close-up of a red Malvaviscus flower. Sleeping hibiscus during flowering. A combination of red and green. colorful photo.

    Marshmallow Flower

    Malvaviscus is a perennial shrub.

    The bush can grow up to 3 meters with slender, erect stems. The leaves are simple, green, oval. Leaf blades have teeth along the edges and a slight pubescence with fine hairs.

    Malvaviscus flowers are very similar to those of hibiscus, hanging, often solitary or in small inflorescences. The flowers do not bloom until the end, they remain ajar.

    In nature, this bush grows in a warm climate, where in winter the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees. However, it can also be grown in cooler climates.

    To do this, in hot weather, you can take the flower out into the open air, bring it to the dacha, and in winter the temperature should be at least 10 ° C. The best place to grow it will be the southern windows with quarters. fresh.

    Malvaviscus photos are perfect to illustrate the preparations for Christmas parties in Europe. Because it is at this time when the bush begins to bloom profusely and is one of the symbols of the upcoming holidays.

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