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Aloe Vera. What the leaves of the plant look like inside and out

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    Aloe is a genus of succulent plants that has more than 550 species. Such a numerous genus is represented by varieties of leafy, herbaceous, shrubby and tree-like plants.

    In this article you can see images of a large Aloe Vera leaf. As well as the image of fine slices of Aloe Vera, in which the transparent and crystalline gel structure found inside the leaves can be seen very clearly.

    Large Aloe Vera leaf in female hands

    Very large cut leaf of Aloe Vera in female hands. The photo clearly shows that it is a large sheet. Aloe Vera leaf arranged diagonally in the image, isolated on white background.

    Aloe Vera in hand

    A freshly cut leaf of an Aloe Vera plant is held in the palms of a woman’s hands

    Side view of a large cut Aloe Vera leaf. The entire blade is clearly visible from the cut to the tip. The sheet is held by female hands. Image on a white background.

    Cut leaf of Aloe Vera

    Whole leaf of Aloe Vera and thin slices

    On a white wooden table lies an Aloe Vera leaf, cut into pieces and thinly sliced. The transparent gel structure of the sheet is clearly visible. Close up.

    Aloe Vera leaf and slices

    Background of fine slices of the Aloe Vera plant

    Fine slices of aloe vera leaves are placed on a white surface in a beautiful background. When cut, the green skin of the leaves and the transparent Aloe Vera gel can be clearly seen. It is suitable for use as a decoration on materials about home cosmetics.

    Aloe Vera Fund

    Design background of lemon slices and pieces of Aloe Vera

    Beautiful background of fine slices of yellow lemon and Aloe Vera. This photo will be a good design background for materials on the use of fruits and Aloe Vera for making homemade cosmetics or healthy food.

    Slices of lemon and aloe vera

    This species is called Aloe Vera, aloe, acíbar or aloe from Barbados.

    This plant has very large and fleshy leaves. Beneath a thin layer of tough green topcoat is a transparent sheet structure. It is made up of a large number of saccharides and polysaccharides and other complex organic compounds.

    From the internal content of the leaf, the famous Aloe Vera gel is made, which is used in medicine and cosmetology.

    We can rightly say that this is the most popular succulent in the world, which is found in almost every home. Women love to use Aloe Vera to make homemade skin care products.