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Windsurfing. A group of athletes rides on the sea on a sunny day

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    This sport has been gaining great popularity in recent decades. There are more and more fans of surfing and sailing, including men and women, young and old, professional athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle.

    There are special clubs and schools for windsurfers where experienced instructors teach beginners. Very often, these groups go out skating together. In this case, the group must be accompanied by a monitor in a boat. And nearby is a small sailing yacht, in case you need to take a tired athlete on board.

    It is especially nice to sail on a sailboard when the weather is calm and sunny with a light sea breeze. So even a beginner windsurfer can easily catch the wind in the sails and enjoy the ride.

    In this series of photos you can see the activity of a group of windsurfers and feel the marine environment.

    Sea yacht with sails and a small boat. walk on the sea

    Marine. Sunny day, calm sea surface. Sea yacht with white sails and a small motor boat. Water recreation concept.

    Sea sailing yacht and small boat

    Blue seascape. Sea, sky, yacht.

    Blue seascape. The sea and the sky merge into a beautiful blue background. On the horizon you can see a small sailboat and a motor boat.

    Sea and yacht

    Windsurfer on a sailboard and an instructor on a boat. Mediterranean Sea.

    Sunny day in the Mediterranean. The instructor on the boat observes his student’s windsurfing lessons. He athlete on the board with an orange sail.

    Windsurfer and instructor

    Windsurfing competition. Sunny day at sea.

    Sunny seascape. Calm blue sea. Competition group of athletes-windsurfers. Colored candles. In the background is a sea yacht with sails. There are instructors and lifeguards on the yacht.

    Windsurfing competition

    Group windsurfing lesson in the sea bay. Mediterranean Sea.

    The image shows a group of people learning to windsurf. In the background is a yacht with instructors and rescuers. Calm sea surface, sunny day.

    Windsurfing lesson

    Windsurfing sails look like a vertical wing that uses the lift of the wing to propel the board across the surface of the sea.
    Most often, sales are made in a triangular shape.

    The sails are held and controlled by a system of rings, eyelets, hooks and ropes. As well as in any sailing vehicle.

    The sails are cambered and single. Camber sails give you more speed, but are larger, heavier and more difficult to handle. Therefore, amateurs usually use simple sails, but for regattas it is recommended to use camber.

    But the main characteristic of candles is their surface. It can be very different, from 0.5 m² in children’s boards and can reach 13 m².

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