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The process of making orange juice at home

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    To make orange juice at home, you need to choose the right variety of oranges.

    In stores that sell fruit, you can often see special signs stating that this variety of oranges is for juicing, but this one is more suitable for serving fresh at the table.

    What is the difference between the oranges from which it is better to squeeze the juice?

    Citrus grown for juice production tend to be smaller, have a rather thin skin, do not peel very well, and have very juicy flesh.

    To squeeze the juice, you can use an electric juicer, a manual circular juicer, a mechanical press, and a manual press.

    Well, if you don’t have anything on the list at hand, do yourself a trick. Cut the orange in half, stick a fork in the middle and twist the fork inside the orange. Do this over a bowl where the orange juice will drain.

    A man cuts oranges with a knife.

    A man in a purple sweatshirt cuts oranges in half with a knife. A bunch of orange oranges. His hands are clearly visible. His face is not visible.

    man cuts oranges

    Man squeezes orange juice in an electric juicer

    A man squeezes juice from oranges with an electric citrus press. Close-up of hands and juicer. The colors in the image are orange, white and purple.

    Electric juicer

    The process of making orange juice.

    The image shows the process of making orange juice, using an electric citrus juicer. A lot of oranges cut in half, juice, empty orange peel in hand.

    preparation of orange juice

    Man using manual citrus juicer

    A man uses a manual citrus press to make orange juice. In the hands of a kitchen utensil, half an orange. Juice in a pitcher. A bunch of cut oranges.

    manual juicer

    Fresh orange juice being poured into a glass jug

    Freshly squeezed orange juice is poured from the juicer bowl into a glass pitcher. The concept of healthy eating and drinking natural juices.

    fresh orange juice

    Juicy oranges, freshly squeezed orange juice always symbolize a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and a generally positive attitude towards life.

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