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Roscón de Reyes,12 grapes. Christmas and New Year traditions in Spain.

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    The Feast of the Nativity of Christ is by far the most loved and awaited holiday by Christians all over the world. There are common traditions, rules, goodies on this day.

    But each country must have its own centuries-old national traditions associated with the period of celebrating the Christmas holidays.

    That is why in Spain there are special traditions. And the most famous of them is the celebration of Three Kings Day. This festivity is celebrated on January 6, when the Three Wise Men brought their gifts to the baby Jesus. On this day it is customary to give gifts and sweets to children and, of course, eat Roscón de Reyes.

    This is a cake that is baked in the shape of a ring. May or may not be stuffed. But there are always surprises hidden in it.

    Usually it is a statuette of one of the kings, a coin and a bean. whoever receives a toy or a coin is crowned the king of the party, and whoever receives the bean must pay for the empanada next year, because in Spain the bean symbolizes prosperity, which means that the lucky one will have a successful year and you can afford the cake next festive year.

    In Latin America, the cake is also called Rosco de Reyes or Pastel de Rey.

    Spanish cake Roscón de Reyes on a dark background. Close up

    Festive Spanish cake Roscón de Reyes, decorated with candied fruits and icing sugar on a dark background. Close up.

    Spanish cake Roscón de Reyes

    Roscon de Reyes. Sectional view of a cake and a bean next to it.

    Roscon de Reyes festive cake. A piece of the cake is cut, you can clearly see the filling of the cake. There is a bean on the plate next to the cut cake. Composition on a dark background.

    Roscón de Reyes and beans

    Roscón de Reyes traditional Spanish speaking cake and figurines of the Three Wise Men

    A close-up of a traditional sliced ​​Roscón de Reyes and porcelain figurines of the Three Kings. The concept of celebrating Christmas holidays.

    Roscon and 3 Kings

    Three glasses with 12 grapes on the background of the Christmas tree.

    Three glasses full of grapes. 12 pieces in each glass. In the background is a festively decorated Christmas tree. The glasses are reflected in the mirror surface of the table. The concept of celebrating the New Year in Spain. New Year’s Eve traditions.

    Three glasses with 12 grapes

    Cups with 12 grapes, Christmas tree.

    Raised glasses full of grapes. Close up. Illustration of the tradition of eating 12 grapes to the beat of the clock.

    Cups full of grapes

    Another cute Spanish tradition that invariably accompanies New Year’s Eve.

    In Spain, this night of the year is called Noche Vieja. When the clock chimes twelve times and marks the arrival of the new year, everyone must eat a grape with each chime.

    You need time to swallow twelve grapes while the chimes sound! Then the wish made will surely come true in the coming year.

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