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Rice water for skin and hair. How to do. Preparation photos.

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    Rice water is a very popular home remedy. It is used for natural skin and hair care.

    Preparing homemade rice water is very easy. Therefore, many women make it at home to reap the health and beauty benefits of rice tonic.

    In this article you will find images to illustrate a step-by-step recipe for making fermented rice water at home.

    White raw rice in a wooden plate. View from above

    Round grain white rice. Raw grains of rice lie on a vintage wooden plate. The dish isolated on light background. View from above.

    Raw white rice, grains

    Raw rice on a plate and a glass of water

    Raw rice in a dark wooden plate, a glass of water, a bouquet of flowers. The image is isolated on a white background. Ingredients to make fermented rice water.

    Rice and a glass of water

    The jar of rice that is covered with water. Close up

    A jar of rice in water. Isolated on black background. Close up. Image of the process of making rice water at home.

    Rice in water

    Rice water in spray bottles. Pink flowers

    Small spray bottles filled with rice water tonic, a bouquet of pink flowers, beads. The image is isolated on a white background. The concept of skin and hair care at home.

    Rice water in bottles

    Clear spray bottle filled with rice water

    Rice water in a transparent spray bottle (pink cap), a bouquet of pink flowers, beads. Composition on a white background. Upright photography. DIY cosmetics concept.

    Rice water bottle

    The rice water recipe comes from China. It is also popular in Japan and Korea.

    There, for centuries, women have used rice water for skin and hair care. Rice water relieves skin inflammation, helps fight acne, tightens pores and rejuvenates. Hair after rinsing with rice water becomes shiny. If you constantly use this hair tonic, the hair will grow better and stop falling out.

    The best way to make fermented rice water is to use organic rice.

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