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Green and white cosmetic clay. Dry clay powder in ceramic bowls.

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These images show cosmetic clay. Dry powder cosmetic clay. It is in this form that this clay is sold in stores and is an ingredient in making beauty masks for the face and hair and cosmetic wraps for the body.

Here is French green clay and bentonite white clay. As it should be, the clay is in ceramic dishes and wooden spoons are used to prepare the masks.

If you are a professional or amateur in the field of cosmetology and cosmetics, these photos will interest you.

You should always follow these rules so that when making masks, the clay does not oxidize from exposure to metal tools. You can choose a close-up photo of the cosmetic clay, or you can go for a composition that represents a SPA at home.

Home SPA salon, cosmetic clay masks

Green French cosmetic clay powder. Ceramic bowl with clay, cotton pads, a candle, a vase with a green plant. Composition on a white background. SPA concept at home.

Cosmetic clay in home SPA


Dry green cosmetic clay in a white bowl. Making a homemade face mask.

Ceramic white bowl with dried French green cosmetic clay, wooden cup with wooden spoons, large white candle, cotton pads, houseplant. Isolated on white background. The concept of facial skin care at home.

Green clay mask preparation


Cosmetic green clay. Close-up

Green cosmetic clay. French clay powder. Cosmetic ingredient in a white porcelain bowl on a white background. Close up.

French green clay


White bentonite clay, green French clay. Isolated on white background.

White bentonite clay in a glass jar and French green clay in a ceramic bowl, wooden spoons for mixing cosmetic face masks. Isolated on white background. Close-up of dry cosmetic clay powder.

Cosmetic clays of white and green color


View from above. White ceramic bowl with cosmetic clay and wooden spoon.

Cosmetic clay to make face and body masks at home. Green clay in a small bowl and a wooden spoon on a white background, top view. The concept of making natural cosmetics.

Cosmetic clay in a bowl and a wooden spoon


Cosmetic clay in dry powder. Green French and white bentonite.

Dry cosmetic clay powder. Ingredients to make homemade cosmetics: French green clay, white bentonite clay, wooden spoon to mix masks. Isolated on white background. view from above

Cosmetic clay in dry powder


Cosmetic clays are widely used in cosmetology as masks and body wraps. They can be mixed with other ingredients such as vegetable oils, essential oils, herbal teas, dairy products. Such masks have the ability to cleanse the skin, close the pores, fill the epidermis with vitamins and minerals.

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