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Facial skin care. Anti-wrinkle face mask with corn starch

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    Facial skin care is very important for every woman. For men, by the way, it is also important. And one of the main means to preserve the youth and beauty of the face are masks.

    Wrinkle masks are always popular, because it is the small wrinkles that visually age the face. Therefore, it is very important to use skin care products that moisturize, nourish and tighten the skin very well.

    It is very nice to make face masks with your own hands. Homemade cornstarch masks for wrinkles and skin tightening are the most popular masks in the world!

    These photos show one of the homemade cornstarch face mask recipes.

    Homemade anti-wrinkle mask with corn starch, honey and olive oil

    Homemade white wrinkle mask in a small bowl. Corn starch, a bottle of olive oil, a jar of honey, a mirror and a spatula to apply the mask, daisy flowers. Flat layout, vertical image.

    Homemade anti-wrinkle mask

    Facial mask based on natural ingredients

    Facial mask based on natural ingredients. Homemade mask of starch, honey, natural vegetable oil. The composition is decorated with a small mirror, a device for applying a mask and natural flowers. Plain design.

    Facial mask with natural ingredients

    Natural mask to firm the skin and smooth wrinkles

    Natural mask of corn starch, honey and jojoba oil for facial care. The image has a finished cosmetic product and ingredients in small beautiful bowls. The concept of skin care at home. Plain design. Landscape photo.

    Natural Skin Firming Mask

    Cornstarch in a pink cup

    White dry corn starch in a pink cup. Isolated on a black background. View from above.


    Corn starch in a cup. View from above

    Corn starch in a cup. Isolated on a black background. View from above. Vertical image. The photo is cropped to the middle of the mug.

    Corn starch, top view

    Homemade beauty masks have been used by beauties all over the world for many millennia. Their recipes are passed down from generation to generation and have not yet lost their validity.

    This is explained very simply. Despite the powerful development of the cosmetic industry, women want to use masks or creams made from natural ingredients. They want to make sure that the cosmetic product does not contain preservatives, dyes and other additives harmful to health.

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