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Cosmetic facial mask based on Aloe Vera, honey and lemon juice and olive oil

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    Cosmetic masks for facial skin care should be included in every woman’s beauty routine. This is a very important element of skin care.

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    Facial skin care. Aloe vera masks. Flat lay

    Natural ingredients for skin care at home. On a white background are a large leaf, thin slices and Aloe Vera gel, half lemon slices and citrus slices, a jar of olive oil, a bowl of honey. They are beautifully placed. Flat lay.

    Aloe Vera Masks

    Homemade cosmetics for face and body skin care with Aloe Vera and honey

    Homemade cosmetics for face and body skin care based on natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, lemon, almond oil, honey. All the ingredients are placed on a white background in beautiful glass and ceramic containers. The concept of natural skin care.

    Aloe vera homemade cosmetics

    urizing facial mask with Aloe Vera gel. We make it at home

    The photo shows the process of making a cosmetic mask at home. The ingredients are on the white table. A piece of Aloe Vera leaf and Aloe Vera gel, lemon, natural honey, bottled olive oil. View from above.

    Aloe Moisturizing Facial Mask

    Natural Aloe Vera Gel and Fresh Aloe Vera Leaf

    Transparent colored natural gel in a glass bowl, Aloe Vera leaf cut into thin slices and a large piece of plant leaf. Top view of Aloe Barbadensis natural gel texture.

    Natural Aloe Vera Gel

    Photo. A lovely flatley. Ingredients for the preparation of natural cosmetics

    Ingredients for natural cosmetics. Lemons, natural Aloe Vera leaf, honey, cosmetic oil. Image on a white background. flat lay.

    Ingredients for natural cosmetics

    It is a homemade cosmetic mask based on natural ingredients. A base of Aloe Vera gel, honey and lemon juice and olive oil or other cosmetic oil is prepared. This mask perfectly moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin, whitens age spots and has a light peeling effect.

    From these natural ingredients, you can also make a mask that will moisturize and tone the skin on the body. The difference between a face mask and a body mask will only be the proportion of ingredients. In body masks, a higher concentration of cosmetic oil and lemon juice is allowed. And in homemade facial care, it is necessary to add more natural Aloe Vera gel.