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Sea salt production. Salina, mountains of salt, conveyors

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    People have been extracting salt from seawater for thousands of years. Most of the time, sea salt is obtained naturally by evaporating water under the influence of the sun.

    Usually near the sea there is a low-lying land (natural or artificial), which is filled with sea water. Such lowlands are called salinas. The water comes from the sea by gravity through special channels that connect the sea and the salt flat.

    The depth of the salt pan does not usually exceed 1.5 meters. Under the influence of the sun, the water evaporates from the surface, the concentration of salt in the water increases, and the salt begins to settle in the form of crystals at the bottom of the lagoon.

    It remains only to collect this salt from the bottom, dry it and send it to salt processing companies.

    In ancient times, workers took the salt from the bottom by hand and transported it by boat to the shore. It was very hard work. Gradually, various devices appeared that helped speed up the process of extracting salt.

    And today, manual labor in salt production is practically absent. All work is carried out by special machines. People only run special units that cut the salt from the bottom, unload it on the shore, send it to special conveyors, dry it and dump it into storage mountains.

    Here are some photos where you can see this type of conveyors and mountains of salt.

    Sea salt production. Salt mountains and electric transporter

    An electric transporter with which the extracted sea salt is poured into huge mountains to store salt. In the background there are mountains of salt. Old industrial buildings.

    Sea salt production

    Large conveyor belt in saline. Great white mountains of salt

    Large conveyor belt. Technique used to transport sea salt from the place of extraction to the place of storage. Large white mountains of salt that were dumped by this transporter

    Conveyor belt. Mountains of salt

    Industry landscape. Sea salt factory

    industry landscape. Mediterranean. Production and storage of sea salt. Conveyor belt, industrial warehouses and large mountains of sea salt.

    The factory makes sea salt

    Traditional production of sea salt on the Mediterranean coast

    This is the traditional production of salt on the Mediterranean coast. Channel with sea water, salt mine, conveyor belts for loading salt, high mountains of salt, small industrial buildings.

    Mediterranean salt production

    Special loader and conveyor belt in the port. For loading salt in the holds of dry cargo ships

    View of a conveyor belt and special charger for sea salt in the port of a Mediterranean city. Specialized loader for loading salt in the holds of dry cargo ships.

    Sea salt charger

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