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What organic citrus fruits look like: grapefruits, oranges and lemons

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    What is organically grown fruit really like? What do grapefruits, lemons or oranges look like that have not been genetically modified, have not been treated with pesticides or other modern means.

    You probably already forgot?

    Because in stores you always see fruits without a single defect, they are almost all the same size and have a very faint aroma. Unfortunately, the conditions for growing and storing fruits today are as follows. But of course there are still small farms that grow citrus the same way they did 100 years ago.

    In this article you can see the image of natural grapefruits, oranges and lemons. They may not look perfect, but they are fragrant and healthy!

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    Organic products. Pomelos (grapefruits) on a black background

    Organically grown grapefruits. Two fruits isolated on black background. Spots and irregularities are visible on citrus peel. The fruits look natural, they do not give the impression of plastic fruits.

    Organic grapefruit

    A lot of yellow lemons lie on a black wooden table

    Fresh lemons of different sizes lie in a bunch on the table. It is clearly seen that lemons have different shapes, the lemon peel is not smooth and perfect. These are lemons grown in natural conditions without the use of modern technologies. Farm, natural fruits. Close up.

    Lemons on the table


    Image of farmer lemons on a black background

    In the image you can see several lemons on a black wooden table. Fresh lemons grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of modern chemicals. Fruits of different sizes and different shapes, various defects can be seen on the peel. Organic product.

    Farmer lemons

    Orange fruit freshly plucked from a branch

    Big fresh oranges isolated on dark vintage background. The peel of the oranges has flaws, the oranges look natural. No plastic fruit feeling. Organic oranges.

    Freshly picked oranges

    Farm citrus. Oranges isolated on black background

    Five whole fresh oranges, just picked from the tree. The stem has green leaves. The skin of oranges has spots, bumps. The appearance of a true ecological product. Natural citrus.

    Farm oranges

    Real citrus fruits that have been grown under environmentally friendly conditions may not be distinguished by the perfect shapes and ideal beauty of the fruit. But we can definitely say that they do not contain harmful substances, have a wonderful aroma, contain the maximum amount of useful vitamins and minerals, and are very tasty!

    Natural citrus images just breathe with freshness and aroma!