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Walnuts. Photos with whole walnuts and walnut kernels

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    Walnuts (lat. Júglans regia).

    The nuts are large, round or oval, with a single seed. Initially, the outer skin of the nut is green. As it matures, the thick green outer shell dries out and becomes hard, brittle and brown.

    Beneath the shell is a very tasty nut rich in vitamins and microelements, usually consisting of two halves separated by a septum.

    We bring to your attention some photos of walnuts that you can download if you like them.

    Perspective of rows of whole walnuts stretching into the distance

    Several rows of whole walnuts form a beautiful backdrop. The photo was taken from perspective. Suitable for use as a substrate for the design of promotional and informational materials.

    Nut background

    Whole walnuts. View from above

    Walnuts View from above. The nuts are arranged in diagonal rows. The image is suitable for use as a background.

    Whole nuts

    Walnuts in a wooden bowl on a dark background

    Walnuts in a wooden bowl with more walnuts and a kraft paper bag nearby. Still life on a dark vintage background.

    Walnuts in a bowl

    Closeup of a walnut kernel

    Cracked walnut. Beautiful walnut kernel and empty shell. Close-up shot. In the background you can see wooden utensils and whole nuts.

    Nut kernel

    Walnuts on a dark wooden table. view from above

    A wooden bowl with walnuts, a paper bag, scattered shelled walnuts lie on a dark wooden table. Plain design.

    Nuts on the table

    Walnuts are rich in vegetable fats. It contains proteins, a small amount of carbohydrates, vegetable fibers and vitamins. The walnut has a high caloric content due to the large amount of fat. Therefore, it is recommended to consume in small quantities: 1-3 nuts per day.

    Walnut contains fat-soluble vitamins A, E, B vitamins, vitamin C, PP, K. Walnuts contain a lot of iodine and zinc.
    Walnuts should be included in the diet, it improves brain function, metabolic processes, skin condition, fights stress.

    Nuts, especially in combination with fruit, berries or dried fruit, are a versatile snack and a healthy and nutritious supplement.

    Remember that it is very important to choose quality nuts. Note that the shell of the walnut should be light brown, wrinkled, but not blemished, without plaque or damage, and should also be clean.

    A high-quality, tasty product should look like what you see in the photos in this post.

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