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Strawberry. Fresh ripe berries

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    Strawberries are the most popular berries in the world! It is the leader among other cultivated berries, that is, it is the most cultivated and the most consumed. Millions of tons of strawberries are sold every year around the world.

    In seasonal supermarkets, you can find these plastic containers with farm strawberries. As a rule, it is quite tasty, juicy, large and beautiful. Of course, despite this, we would all like berries from our own beds, harvested in the summer season. Do not let such beautiful specimens grow on them, but your harvest is always sweeter and tastier!

    If you write about the benefits of strawberries or how to grow them, or perhaps about numerous culinary recipes with this delicious berry, then our photos will surely be useful to you.

    Strawberries in a plastic container. Side view

    Ripe and juicy red strawberries with green sepals in a transparent plastic container. How they sell berries in a supermarket. Side view.

    Strawberries in a plastic container

    Strawberries in a transparent box from a supermarket

    Berries of ripe strawberries in a transparent plastic box. Industrial packaging of the harvest.


    Prepackaged strawberries isolated on white background

    Strawberries packed in a plastic container. Red ripe juicy berries in a supermarket package. View from above.

    Strawberry packaging

    Strawberry fruit background

    Strawberry background, red and white berries with green leaves close up shot. The grains in the pulp are very clearly visible.

    Strawberry background

    Big strawberry close up

    Large strawberry, close-up. Macro photography.

    Strawberry close up

    Strawberry on white background

    A strawberry. Isolated on a white background.

    Berry on a white background

    Harvest strawberries. Ripe berries isolated on white background

    Fresh strawberries lie on the table. Bright specimens are isolated on a white background.

    Strawberry Harvest

    Strawberry isolated on a white background

    Red berries with green leaves on a white background. Close up.


    Strawberries are 90% water. The berry is sweet but low in calories. It contains a large number of vitamins and microelements necessary for a person.

    Fruit acids contained in red berries have an anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect on the human body.

    Strawberries are eaten fresh, used to make jams, jams, compotes, and used in the production of confectionery.

    There are also many recipes for skin and hair care based on these wonderful berries.

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