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Strawberries with milk and cookies. Rustic breakfast

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    Ripe and juicy strawberries just picked from the garden, a pitcher of fresh milk and delicious crispy cookies. It’s a dream! These are the best childhood memories. This is an unforgettable pastoral story. This is the best start of the day.

    You close your eyes and see that Grandma is putting a pitcher of milk, tall glasses, a bowl of delicious homemade cookies, and a large bowl of fresh strawberries on the table. Summer! Holidays!

    Strawberries and milk go very well together. Therefore, there are strawberry smoothies, yogurts, desserts. The acids, vitamins, and trace elements found in strawberries aid in the absorption of calcium and trace elements found in dairy products.

    And here are photos of such a wonderful breakfast with berries and milk!

    Breakfast with milk, strawberries and cookies. Serving in rustic style

    Serving morning in rustic style. A bouquet of daisies, a jug of milk, cookies, a plate of strawberries. A large berry and a glass of milk in the foreground.

    Breakfast with milk and strawberries

    Strawberries in a white ceramic bowl against the background of a jug of milk

    A bowl with ripe strawberries close-up against the background of a glass jug with milk. Healthy food concept.

    Strawberries and milk jug

    A jug of milk, a plate of strawberries, a bouquet of daisies on the table

    Still life. Serving breakfast on a light background. Milk in a glass jug and a bowl with ripe strawberries in the background. In the foreground is a glass of milk, a large berry and a cookie.

    Strawberries for breakfast

    White ceramic bowl with red strawberries

    Close-up of a white ceramic bowl filled with fresh ripe strawberries. Isolated on a light background.

    Bowl of strawberries

    Strawberries in a plate on a white wooden table

    A plate with strawberries and chamomile flowers on a white wooden table. Side view.

    Plate of strawberries on the table

    Strawberries are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. And it is especially useful to eat strawberries with dairy products. You can add cream, milk, yogurt or sour cream. why is it so good?

    First of all, because dairy and strawberries complement each other perfectly in flavor. It turns out a very tasty and tender combination.

    Second, for people with sensitive gastrointestinal tracts, it may not be possible to consume strawberries in their pure form. Strawberries contain a lot of acids and can cause discomfort in the digestive system. Milk perfectly neutralizes acids and makes food more neutral.

    Third, calcium will be better absorbed.

    Fourthly, very beautiful and aesthetic drinks and desserts are obtained!

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