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Salted anchovies in oil

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    Salting anchovies in oil is a dish known since ancient times. Small salted fish was valued both as an independent dish and as a tasty spicy additive or seasoning in the preparation of various delicacies. And now anchovies are one of the main fish in European cuisine.

    In any European store you will always find a boat of salted anchovy fillet preserved in oil. With the use of such fish fillets, you can make many different delicious sauces and pastes to season dishes. And you can make wonderful snacks, appetizers or tapas with them.

    Here in these photos you can see an example of such a classic Mediterranean snack. Sandwich with cottage cheese, anchovy, tomato slices and thyme. Very tasty and look how beautiful!

    Bruschetta with cream cheese, tomatoes, anchovies and thyme

    Bruschetta with anchovies. Two sandwiches on toasted white bread with cream cheese, tomato slices, anchovy fillets and thyme. Isolate on a black background. Close-up on the side.

    Bruschettas with anchovies

    Appetizer with anchovies, Philadelphia cheese and tomatoes.

    Mediterranean appetizer or tapas. Baguette pieces are spread with a layer of Philadelphia cheese, topped with tomato slices, salted anchovy fillet and thyme. Two sandwiches on a black background. Plain design.

    Appetizer with anchovies

    Sandwiches with salt fish and soft cheese.

    Sandwiches on wheat bread with soft cheese, tomatoes, anchovy pieces and herbs.

    Sandwiches with fish fillet

    Open can of salted anchovies in oil.

    Tin with salted anchovy fillet preserved in oil. The can is open, the lid is bent. A piece of steak is hooked on a fork. Close up.

    Jar of anchovies

    Rectangular tin with key.

    Close-up of a rectangular can with a key to open it. Isolated on vintage dark wooden background. Close up.


    Anchovies (Engraulis) are a genus of pelagic marine fish in the Engraulidae family.

    It is one of the important commercial fish. The value of this species lies in its high fat content, in its excellent flavor, and also in its large population.

    There are several types of anchovy, including European, Peruvian, Australian, Californian, and Japanese.

    This type of fish is used not only for cooking, but is processed by many countries for agricultural fertilizers and livestock feed.

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