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Fruit water. Flavored water with natural fruits

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    Fruit water, which is flavored with various natural fruits and berries, is a very popular drink.

    It is drunk both as a soft drink and as detox water to speed up the body’s metabolism and cleanse it of toxins.

    The recipe for making fruit flavored water is usually very simple. Fruits or berries must be washed and poured with clean water. Let it sit in a cool place for 4-24 hours and you can drink it.

    Here you can find images of four different types of detox water. Photos of citrus flavored water can be downloaded on this page for free.

    Fruit water with orange and mint in a glass cup

    Large glass jug with fruit-flavored detox water. Orange slices and fresh mint leaves, pure water. Mug isolated on white background.

    Water with orange and mint

    Detox water with red and white grapefruit and mint

    Glass jar with detox water. White and red grapefruit slices, mint leaves in water. The process of making flavored water. Next to the pitcher are red and white grapefruit halves. healthy citrus.

    Detox water with grapefruit and mint

    Flavored water with lemon and mint

    A bottle of flavored water with lemon slices and mint leaves. The bottle is isolated on a white background. Next to the bottle are half a lemon and sprigs of fresh mint. Image has copy space for text.

    Water with lemon and mint

    Detox water flavored with apple, cinnamon, mint, star anise

    Glass jar with detox water. The fruity water is flavored with apple slices, cinnamon sticks, star anise and mint leaves. The mug is on a white table, on a light background. Next to the mug is a red apple, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and sprigs of mint.

    Detox water with cinnamon

    Fruit waters. Bottle, jug, cups with water of different flavors

    4 types of fruit water based on citrus fruits, apples, spices and mint in glass jars. Glass cups, a bottle and a jug on a white table. Next to the flavored water are pieces of orange, lemon, grapefruit, apple, sprigs of fresh mint, cinnamon sticks, star anise. still life. Concept.

    Cups with flavored water

    Detox water with fruits and mint. Jugs with water. View from above

    Detox water with oranges, grapefruit, apples, lemons, mint, cinnamon and star anise. Various glass containers and pieces of fresh fruit. View from above.

    Detox water with fruits

    Fruit water is much more pleasant to drink than regular filtered water. Therefore, by using this type of flavored water it is very easy to maintain a drinking regimen.

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