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Citrus slices in the form of a bouquet in a white porcelain vase on a white background. And a background of lemon slices.

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    Citrus slices: orange, lemon and lime. Fresh, thin, round fruits are arranged in the form of a beautiful bouquet in a white vase. Original move, right?

    Look at these beautiful photos. You can use them as illustrations for materials on the benefits of citrus fruits, on the use of vitamin C, in a story about fresh juices, or as an example of unusual food decoration.

    Layout implies a place to place titles and subtitles.
    Well, for those who love minimalism: you can use a background of fresh lemon slices. Also very juicy and appetizing pictures!

    Orange, lemon, lime. Juicy slices arranged in a bouquet

    Slices of orange, lemon, lime. Round, multi-colored, fresh citrus pieces arranged in a colorful bouquet. A bouquet of citrus slices is placed in a white vase, the vase is isolated on a white background. There is space for text.

    Slices of orange, lemon, lime in a bouquet

    Orange, yellow, green slices of fresh citrus fruits

    Orange, yellow and green citrus bouquet. Orange, lemon and lime are cut into thin round slices and arranged as a bouquet in a white pitcher. Original design to serve citrus. View from above.

    Citrus fruits cut into round slices

    Bouquet in a white vase made of orange, lemon and lime slices

    Orange, lemon, lime. Citrus slices in the form of flowers in a white vase. Multi-colored circles of fruit stand out against a white background. Half a fresh orange lies next to the vase. A very appetizing photo can be a great illustration of a healthy diet.

    Bouquet of orange and lemon slices

    Fresh lemon slices background

    Background of thinly sliced ​​green lemon slices. Fresh juicy slices of citrus are lined with a solid carpet. Plain design. Such a photo can be used to make background screen savers, photo wallpapers.

    Lemon slices as solid background

    Close-up of lemon slice on the background of lemon slices

    Close-up of lemon slices. Citrus pieces are illuminated by sunlight. The juicy lemon pulp shines beautifully in the sun. macro lens. Suitable for illustration of vitamin C cosmetics.

    Sunlit lemon slice

    Yellow-green lemon slices on a shiny black surface

    Fresh lemon slices are placed on a black mirror surface. The pieces of fruit are beautifully reflected on the background surface. The concept of freshness and benefits of citrus.

    Lemon slices are reflected on a black surface

    Citrus fruits are the most loved and popular fruits in the world. The benefits of oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes and tangerines can hardly be overestimated.

    And perhaps, photos of these fruits are also one of the most popular images that are very often used for advertising purposes and for interior design.

    Download these photos and enjoy the result!

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