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Deciduous and coniferous trees. Beautiful backgrounds of branches and leaves.

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    Sometimes a single nature photograph is enough to set the mood for an interior or illustrate the mood of a novel or other work of art.

    Autumn trees, autumn foliage perfectly create an atmosphere of sadness, and a sunny autumn day is associated with a slight sadness and detachment from the hustle and bustle, calm and silence.

    The photos in which you can see backgrounds of leaves and tree branches are perfect for making posters, wall murals, book covers.

    This article collects some photographs that represent these natural settings. The photos were taken on a sunny fall day.

    Yellow hazel leaves against blue sky

    Yellow hazelnut leaves illuminated by sunlight against a blue sky.
    Bright color combination. There is space for captions on the image. Such photography is well suited for illustrating the headlines of articles and posts in ezines and blogs.

    Yellow leaves against the sky

    Fir branch against the background of the autumn forest

    Close-up of a spruce branch with gray-green needles against the background of an autumn forest with yellowed trees. A beautiful photo of a sunny day in October.

    Fir branch in the background of the forest

    A branch of a coniferous tree. Natural background in green, gray and beige colors.

    In the foreground is a branch of a coniferous tree. In the background are images of various trees. The image in the background is blurred. An ideal background or substrate for the production of printing materials or materials for electronic media.

    Branch of a coniferous tree

    Autumn tree in sunlight. Blackberry.

    Yellowing leaves on a mulberry tree. Autumn sunny day, yellow leaves. The play of the glare of the sun, light and shadow. Autumn in the Mediterranean.

    Autumn mulberry

    Autumn yellow leaves, sunlight and blue sky.

    Autumn sunny day. The sun’s rays shine through the yellowed leaves of the tree. You can see the blue sky through the treetop. Beautiful autumn background.

    Autumn leaves

    Autumn is the favorite season of many world-renowned poets and writers. A. Pushkin, I. Bunin, S. Yesenin, Byron, D. London and many others called autumn the most beautiful season.

    It was the calm and dull autumn weather that gave writers and poets the opportunity to create the most beautiful works of literature.

    Photographers also love autumn for its riot of colors and variety of shades.

    Autumn photos can illustrate any material, download them yourself and they will definitely come in handy.

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