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About this site

Authors’ message

We, the authors of this site, have been running our own blogs for many years. Over the years we have taken many thousands of photographs. Most of them have remained unused.

These photos were taken specifically for articles on blogs and on thematic sites. Therefore, they are convenient to use because of the correct framing and the availability of space for text.

We decided to start publishing them so that you can use them for your websites, blogs and social media posts.

You can download them for free and use them safely in your publications. All copyrights belong to us and no one else, and we give you our full consent to this under the standard free license.

We ask you only that you accompany publications with our pictures with links to posts on this site. This is provided by the license.

Site content

The site contains publications and photographs on the following topics: environment, home ecology, natural and eco-cosmetics, proper nutrition.

Publications and photos for downloading are original and belong to the copyright holders of the site.

Photos intended for download have a special button and can be used free of charge by site visitors.

Website Audience

The site’s publications are addressed to all people interested in improving the quality of life, maintaining the environment and preserving the environment.

Photos intended for download will be useful for bloggers and content creators.

Content Owners

Copyrights for publications and photos intended for downloading belong to individuals – owners and creators of the content of the site.

The activity of right holders is properly organized in accordance with the legislation of the European Union and is provided with full legal support.


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If you use the Site, we will reasonably assume that you have read the listed pages of the Site and have accepted all the terms of its use.